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Hi all!

Here's just a little peek at my hand-drawn process of the animation I'm making.

I'm using a lightbox (well.. a light pad, technically) to draw each keyframe sketch. I scan each frame into the computer for processing and will eventually port them over to ToonBoom Studios Harmony to do some in-between frames and such. I may also draw in-betweens by hand for important scenes.

Hope to share more updates as I go :D!
- Kevin


Working on Pi's close-up details.

2017-09-11 00:12:23 by rsonbie456

In the animation "Pi Fights Monsters", there will be a few close-ups of Pi's face. Due to her simplistic design, close-up shots would look a bit odd. I spent a while designing Pi's close-up face and ended with something like this:


I kept a similar eye design to Pi's original:


but I made it more detailed so it's more interesting to look at.

I'm currently working on the "Pi Fights Monsters" animation. It's a lot of work to plan out the camera angles and all (especially since it's hand drawn), so I'm sketching out rough scenes. It's still in the beginning stages, but at least there's progress! Please stay tuned for more updates :)



"Team Pi" Audio Teaser!!!

2017-08-10 03:35:24 by rsonbie456

While working on the "Team Pi" animation, I worked with two Newgrounds citizens to create an audio drama teaser:

Hope you enjoy! :)

Hi all,

I've been busy with work and job stuff, but I recently had some time to work on "Team Pi". The animation I'm working on is actually "Episode 2", but I may just make "Episode 1" a comic to introduce characters. The cost and time it takes to produce the animation myself is too high, and I already have the audio for Episode 2, so this might be the route I go.

This is good news, however. This means I'll release the animation sooner than planned. Without waiting for Episode 1 to finish, I can share the content faster.


- Kevin

My first collab on Newgrounds! "Archer Girl"

2017-07-06 05:15:35 by rsonbie456

Hey all,

I have been working with @jessieyun0404 on "Team Pi", a cartoon I'm working on. 
She has been releasing an audio story called "The Archer Girl", which has three episodes now.
While working with her and listening to her song, I came up with some good ideas for the story.

I wrote a little story for her third episode. Check it out:

I may expand upon Jessie's audio project by making an extended story called "Archer Girl". It'll be based on her music plot, but I'll continue to write stories to develop Ari the Archer Girl. It'll be a series of artworks paired with some story.

Hope you enjoy! 
Stay tuned.

- Kevin 

I quickly realized animation isn't the best type of project for me right now due to the stress of job searching and interviewing (software engineering interviews are so stressful).

However, I will still be working on "Team Pi"'s animation concepts, but I predict the animation won't be finished until I find a good place to work.

In the meantime, I decided to post cool artwork for "Team Pi". I will have time to illustrate poses and such.

Stay tuned for some concept art of "Team Pi"! :D

- Kevin

Work in Progress

2017-06-25 06:44:26 by rsonbie456

Currently, I am working with various composers and voice actors/actresses from Newgrounds to bring Newgrounds my first animation on this site. It's going to be two animations for now: Episode 1 and Episode 2. Each will be about 1-2 minutes long.


The current challenge is to design the scenes and characters. As far as animation and editing, it's still mainly just me. So, progress on the animation will depend on how free I am. Hopefully one day more animators would want to join in (I use ToonBoom Harmony 14).
The audio for Episode two is pretty much set (still needing some minor leveling of volumes). Concept art for Episode 2 is in progress. The script for Episode 1 written and its audio/ concept art will be next.

- Kevin

Hi there!

2017-05-23 23:07:39 by rsonbie456

Hey there, person! I'm Kevin.

I am a software engineer by day and a cartoonist by night.

I actually have been part of the Newgrounds community for quite some time (since the early 2000s), but for some odd reason, I couldn't access my old account after 6 years. So, here I am. Fresh data.


I am currently working with people to create a comic series entailing the adventures of some weird-ass characters. There will be anger. There will be sadness. There will be joy. There will be crappiness (I'm not a professional artist... forgive me, oh internet art overlords...). Creating the characters is a long process (we all pitch into the design of characters. Writing the story is an even longer process. Yet, I believe storying-telling is one of the most powerful tools of humanity. I hope to one day share some content with this community! 


With a mildly gestured fist bump,

Kevin Kebface