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First Episode of Team Pi might just be comics.

2017-08-02 23:27:10 by rsonbie456

Hi all,

I've been busy with work and job stuff, but I recently had some time to work on "Team Pi". The animation I'm working on is actually "Episode 2", but I may just make "Episode 1" a comic to introduce characters. The cost and time it takes to produce the animation myself is too high, and I already have the audio for Episode 2, so this might be the route I go.

This is good news, however. This means I'll release the animation sooner than planned. Without waiting for Episode 1 to finish, I can share the content faster.


- Kevin


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2017-08-05 21:03:33

Cool! I cannot wait to see it! ^w^

rsonbie456 responds:

Thanks for having interest! I can't wait to see it finished, too.