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My first collab on Newgrounds! "Archer Girl"

2017-07-06 05:15:35 by rsonbie456

Hey all,

I have been working with @jessieyun0404 on "Team Pi", a cartoon I'm working on. 
She has been releasing an audio story called "The Archer Girl", which has three episodes now.
While working with her and listening to her song, I came up with some good ideas for the story.

I wrote a little story for her third episode. Check it out:

I may expand upon Jessie's audio project by making an extended story called "Archer Girl". It'll be based on her music plot, but I'll continue to write stories to develop Ari the Archer Girl. It'll be a series of artworks paired with some story.

Hope you enjoy! 
Stay tuned.

- Kevin 


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