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2017-06-25 06:44:26 by rsonbie456

Currently, I am working with various composers and voice actors/actresses from Newgrounds to bring Newgrounds my first animation on this site. It's going to be two animations for now: Episode 1 and Episode 2. Each will be about 1-2 minutes long.


The current challenge is to design the scenes and characters. As far as animation and editing, it's still mainly just me. So, progress on the animation will depend on how free I am. Hopefully one day more animators would want to join in (I use ToonBoom Harmony 14).
The audio for Episode two is pretty much set (still needing some minor leveling of volumes). Concept art for Episode 2 is in progress. The script for Episode 1 written and its audio/ concept art will be next.

- Kevin


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2017-06-25 07:23:35

Kevin, who are the characters in the photo? They are freaking awesome!

rsonbie456 responds:

Hey, Colorflower! Thanks so much for the compliment! These characters are part of my cartoon, "Team Pi" :D !! I'm working with a small team to bring the story to life. The story revolves around the three characters searching for their missing parents. A mysterious group is going around kidnapping humans and animals! Hopefully, the team will be able to solve their mystery by following this mysterious group's tracks.


2017-06-29 11:32:20

So good my man! Excitement lvl. 100! Keep it up!

rsonbie456 responds:

Thanks, man. I hope to bring the the heroes to defend Newgrounds from monsters!!!